Peer Grief Counseling

Audra White and Tracy McAdams offer peer counseling for bereaved individuals that request more one-on-one support through their grief.  

They utilize their personal journey, facilitating experience, and MISS training models in order to guide grieving parents and loved ones, through their own complex emotions.  Audra & Carrie  provide individualized peer counseling, where each session is tailored to the griever's own healing process, beliefs, family dynamics, and other life experiences.

This aspect of our MISS Foundation support program is a donation-based service.

Please contact Audra, Tracy or Carrie for more information or to set up an initial consultation:

*Audra and Tracy are not licensed therapists.  However, as peer grief counselors, they will refer any griever to a licensed therapist if they feel that they are unable to meet the specific needs of a particular individual.