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Logo Meaning

The Kindness Walk Logo has very specific meaning. 

The two halves of the heart (which come together but do not join) represent not only a heart, but also the feet of a child gone too soon. The significance of the heart not being solid represents two things: First, the loss of a child breaks the heart of all involved apart. Forevermore the heart will have a missing piece – it is no longer joined together. We thank Jack’s mom, Joey Kendrick Johnson for her thoughtful and inspiring drawing!

The significance of the word HOPE in the center is just that - only hope, in spite of the despair, can hold this broken heart together. There is also a recognition that there has to be a break in the heart for that hope to enter in and begin to fill the space left empty by the tragic death of a child.  It is through this walk and through the support of the community that HOPE fills the hearts of bereaved parents.  The MISS Foundation is the conduit of hope and provides essential services to those touched by the tragedy of child death.  We provide hope in the knowledge that they are not alone on this journey. Hope in the knowledge that that there are caring others who understand and HOPE that no parent would need to walk this journey alone.